Mercenary Empires

Interlude: Notes From the Author

The current roster of characters is becoming a bit unwieldy and, after running a few months of the campaign, there are some mechanics I would like to tweak.

I started the campaign by adding the Physical, People, and Savvy skills of the Warrior Heroes: Legends Base. I still do not like Shooting, Melee, and Magic all being equal to Rep and Feel it would work better having them as separate skills as well. After reviewing the Swordplay rules, I prefer fewer tables based on class. The distinguishing of Noble from Warrior from Soldier, for example, seems unnecessary. I like the Sword play table that divides into melee, shooter, other and whether mounted or not. I slightly prefer the older SP rules regarding shooting as between bows and crossbows. The current SP rules present the same issue as WHL- why ever use a crossbow if a bow does everything the crossbow does but doesn’t require reloading? Since I find the reloading check cumbersome, that is gone. Instead, the no fire until next active is fine for crossbows, but with the addition that they are +1 on the Ranged Combat Table. Additionally, replace Duck Back with Knocked Down on the Ranged Damage Table. Misses require a Received Fire Reaction Test. Pass 0d6- Flee the Encounter Pass 1d6 Duck Back Pass 2d6 Carry On.

For melee, I kind of like fights that continue over multiple rounds and can swing back and forth. Having it crammed into one round feels off. So I will keep the WHL Melee damage table.

Perhaps the largest change is setting. I have never really liked working under the fictional settings of others. I have my own ideas on world building. Instead of Talomir, I will be using a fantasy setting I have built since the old high school D&D days. We’ll see how that turns out.



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