Thurnor the Slayer


Nationality: Mirholme
Alignment: Twilight
Class: Warrior
Rep 7 (Phy 5, Pep 3, Svy 3)
Ogre: Hard as Nails, Rage, Slow Mover, Stout, Strong
Items: Armor (AC 4), 2 HW, Bracelets of Resilience, 3 talos, 2 food, Healing Potion, Battle Axe of Dextrous Virtue


Most ogres are known to be nothing more than savage beasts, monsters of great strength but lacking in thought. Some are a bit more clever and learn that the smaller peoples are more than a food source. Thurnor is one such ogre.
Quiet and introspective, for an ogre, Thurnor soon figured out the value of trade and service to the men of Mirholme. Leaving his kindred behind, he has found that men are skilled planners and the rewards that they offer for a strong arm eclipse the meager life of his more brutish kin.

Thurnor served beside the mercenary Leopold Krieghammer as a part of a Mirholme on several occasions and both found themselves left without employment after a stinging defeat. Thurnor returned north but the mercenary captain vowed to contact him once his fortunes turned for the better. It was with great surprise that the ogre encountered the Krieghammer once again some years later with a cohort escorting a noble. Thurnor, who had been living as little more than a scavenger quickly agreed to join Leopold’s growing force.

Thurnor the Slayer

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