Otto von Wissenslebben


Nationality: Altengard
Alignment: Red Sun
Class: Noble
Rep 12
Items: As a wealthy noble, Otto can secure whatever mundane equipment he desires. Additionally, Otto commands hundreds of trained soldiers and knights to protect his lands.

In battle, Otto rides a might black destrier, Ebonsides. His armor is a handcrafted relic of great antiquity , Solace, and is Enchanted Armor. In battle, he wields a great black warhammer, Foe’s Bane, forged by the dwarves and given to him in tribute to his assistance to the Dwarves of Long Gap in battle against the Orc warhorder of Gog Lar Mog. Foe’s Bane is a 2HW that grants 2 additional successes in melee combat and 3 against Black Sun aligned and Orc and Goblin foes.


Baron Otto von Wissenslebben is the baron of the province of Östermark and resides at Wolfsburg castle in the walled city of Wolfsburg. A renowned warrior, the baron has fought in numerous battles and is known for leading from the front. In his younger days, he would lead bold charges into the heart of the enemy. Now, he is a cunning tactician and rarely has to see actual combat. Word of the baron readying for battle is generally enough to put down any opposition.

The baron is well respected and loved by has people. His region has always been a dangerous and rugged land and Wissenslebben has always respected the independent streak that runs through its people. His military talent helps to keep the roadways safe and his stern application of law brutally punishes thieves and bandits, much to the benefit of merchants and commerce in the area. This has paid great dividends in prosperity. Likewise, the baron demand strict discipline and training of his men. This has not only increased security, but also the morale of his people as they needn’t fear being plundered or harassed by rogue soldiers. Under the baron’s eye, the Östermark has risen from a backwoods, rural borderland to an influential regional power that has garnered favor and prestige in the Imperial Court.

Nonetheless, Östermark still faces numerous threats. Recent moves from Capalan have threatened war and diverted soldier from their duties patrolling roads and securing peace. This has lead to an increase in banditry and regions such as the Deepwood that have been relatively calm have seen a gradual increase in reports of monster and animal attacks. The duke himself grows old and his potential heirs seem unsuitable, prompting others to jockey for position and test the baron’s power.

The death of Wissenslebben’s wife, the duchess Ana, was a great blow to the duke who seemed to have grown increasingly bitter and suspicious. Known as a gruff man with a fiery temper but also quick to laugh, whispers among the court point to a growing bitterness in the aging baron coupled with increasing suspicion of those around him. It is said that he goes out less among his people and stay within his castle, burning candles long into the night poring over maps and ledgers. His demeanor grows hard and rarely does he laugh anymore. Some even whisper that madness may have entered his mind, though he still seems a capable ruler and most believe such words to be the falsehoods of malcontents.

Otto von Wissenslebben

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