Nicoli il Mago


Nationality: Capalan
Alignment: Red Sun
Class: Caster
Rep 5 (Pep 4, Svy 5)
Items: Armor of Strength, Cloak of Stealth, Caster’s Book, 1 HW, Shield, Bow


Nicoli il Mago (the Wizard) is an itinerant wizard who has wandered throughout the lands in search of new discoveries. Fascinated by the supernatural, Nicoli showed an aptitude for spell weaving quite early on, much to the consternation of his parents. Nicoli left home at a young age, joining with a group of travelling nomads. His talents soon caught the eye of the elders who were wary of his potential for destruction. Eventually he would leave them after dispute and begin wandering on his own for a while until being recruited by a mercenary captain to assist in an ongoing civil feud between two prominent lords and then to a campaign against Altengard forces. It was here that Nicoli first metLeopold Krieghammer. However, the often mercurial Nicoli soon left military service in favor of exploration.
Leopold would later contact the wandering magus for assistance with events in the city of Wolfsburg.

Nicoli il Mago

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