Leopold Krieghammer


Nationality: Altengard
Alignment: Red Sun
Class: Noble
Rep 7 (Phy 5, Pep 5, Svy 5)
Star, Leader, Charismatic
Items: Heavy Armor (AC 6), Axe, Axe of Rage, Shield, Horse (Rep 5), Pack Mule (Rep 5), 120 Talos, 17 Food
Ring of Invisibility


Formerly an infantry captain, Leopold was known for his inspiring speeches and tactical acumen. In his final campaign, Leopold’s unit suffered crippling losses due to strategic blunders by high command. Though Leopold and his men fought bravely, the loss was decisive. Leopold decided to make his fate on his own, and paid the survivors out of his own talons. Forming a mercenary band, he seeks out new challenges, confident his leadership will see them through.

Leopold Krieghammer

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