Isabel D'Montaigne


Nationality: Ekra
Alignment: Red Sun
Class: Noble
Rep 6 (Phy 6, Pep 6, Svy 5)
White Knight, Charismatic, Born Leader
Items: Heavy Armor (AC 6), 2HW, 1HW, Shield, Barded Warhorse (Rep 6), 4 food, 2 talos


Born to rural peasants, Isabel grew up a devout and hard working girl whose beauty and natural charm soon lead to attention from the local nobility. However, it was her tactical skill and martial ability that would distinguish her as she lead a force of peasant militia to a decisive victory against invading forces. Her tireless devotion to driving out evil and protecting the people soon brought her into the Brotherhood of the Red Sun where she quickly rose despite her young age.

Her success in battle has earned her accolade and title, yet she is driven ever onward. Seeking out injustice, Isabel is a formidable foe to darkness, wherever it may be.

Isabel D'Montaigne

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