Gyllir Ulrikson


Nationality: Mirholme
Alignment: Twilight
Class: Noble
Rep 6 (Phy 6, Pep 4, Svy 5)
Star, Resilient, Drunk
Items: Heavy Armor (AC 6), Boots of Agility, Shield, Sword of Saving, 1HW, 3 talos


Formerly a pirate leading a small raider band, Gyllir made the mistake of trying to rob mercenary captain Leopold Krieghammer and his men while they escorted a noble to Mirholme. Having gravely underestimated his adversaries, Gyllir’s men were quickly cut down and he fell to a well placed arrow. Recognizing something exceptional in the reaver, Leopold spared his life, as well as that of his only surviving companion, Ulfar, in exchange for a pledge of loyalty. Gyllir was forced to give up the magic sword and shield he bore, but saw it as a small price to pay for his life.

Gyllir Ulrikson

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