Mercenary Empires

Robbery in Ausburg

Year 1 Month 5

The group decides to head back to Wolfsburg. Friedrich, Johann, Pietre, Heinrich, and Wilhelm trade in their armor and 5 armors for heavy armor. The group trades the 1 HWs and bows for 22 talos. Leopold packs the remaining 33 food and 103 talos and they depart Mirholme.

Leopold’s group journey’s back to the Eastern Marches. The sunny weather makes for quick travel. They make their way through the western marches and have an involuntary encounter in the Central Marches. Robbery! Leopold brings, Friedrich, Gyllir, Johann, Pietre, Thurnor, Ulfar, and Wilhelm.

11 Rep 4 AC 4 Soldiers face them. The Leader has a Sword of Seeking. Group wins In Sight. Wilhelm fires and hits, taking 1 robber OOF. Ulfar charges taking 1 OOF, Thurnor slays 1, Pietre loses and is KD, Johann takes 1 OOF, Gyllir charges- loses and OD, but Star Power reduces to Carry On. Friedrich charges and takes 1 OOF. Leopold charges the leader and stuns him. Soldier that KD Pietre charges to help his leader-Leopold takes him OOF. Robber presses assault on Gyllir and is KD. Soldier charges Wilhelm, Wilhelm draws sword and slays him. 2 robbers charge Thurnor and both are slain.

Group activates, robbers fail. Pietre recovers, Gyllir takes his man OOF, Leopold takes leader OOF. Recover 7 talos, 3 food, 11 1HWs, 11 armor, Sword of Seeking given to Gyllir. Gyllir +1 Phy, Thurnor +1 Rep. 1 talos paid to participants. In Ausburg, they trade HWs and Armor for heavy armor for Gyllir and 10 talos, bringing the packed total to 36 food and 113 talos.



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