Mercenary Empires

Goblin Hunt (Part I)

Year 1 Month 5

“I have heard that you dwarves are in the service of Leopold Krieghammer and know something of the goblins that trouble the area,” the merchant stated. Gazti shifted uneasily. The mere mention of goblins was enough to set him on edge after what he and the others had gone through. He calmed himself knowing that this soft human clad in his velvet and furs was a merchant and an associate of the man who had brought them out of so much misery. Still, a dwarf knew more than to trust fully any man seeking fortune at dwarven peril, and this man was asking just that.
“So you want us to retrieve these items from the goblins?” Kaethrus asked, “But why should we venture into such danger when it is you who will recover these precious items?” Kaethrus had dealt with humans perhaps more than any of the rest and it fell to him to negotiate. Naturally, the dwarves would not turn up an opportunity to strike at such hated foes, but neither would they turn up the chance at profit nor venture forth blindly. The merchant smiled, his pudgy face flushing.
“Do not worry master dwarf,” he said, pushing a small pouch across the table, “You will be rewarded in gold as well as whatever you can carry out of those tunnels. And, from what I understand, the goblins have stored much ill gotten wealth there.”


The dwarves only recover 1 food. Svali pass 2d6 to recover and Gazti increases +1 Rep. With his demonstrated skill, Gazti becomes the new leader of the group.



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