Mercenary Empires

First Mission of the Dwarves

Year 1 Month 4

The dwarves rescued by Leopold’s band were left in Wolfsburg to finish recovery as the mercenary group escorted a noble to Mirholme. Dwarven resiliency being what it is, they soon recovered and found information indicating that a number of bandits were operating out of the Deepwood. What’s more, a small group of dwarves was reported to have been attacked near there. Buri, Dagin, Dronur, Frumbir, Gazti, Kaethrus, and Yali decide to Investigate.

Setting out from the village of Halstadt, they find a small cluster of cabins in the nearby woods.

Taking the group back to Halstadt, a healer is hired for Kaethrus and Buri.
Kaethrus pass 2d6 recover, Buri pass 2d6 recover.
Erden, Magdi and Svali have joined.
Each dwarf given 1 talos, 2 used to pay healer for Kaethrus and Buri. 3 HWs traded for shields for the new recruits. 2 1 HWs weapons traded for a pack mule (Rep 3). 2 weapons traded for a pack mule (Rep 5). 5 HWs traded for 5 talos. 12 armor traded for 8 bows and 4 talos. Every dwarf now equipped with a bow. Remaining talos split amongst everyone but Buri. Food split evenly with remaining traded for talos for Buri.



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