Mercenary Empires

A Noble Task (Part IV)

Year 1 Month 4

“Ah, I see you have gathered local reinforcements,” the noble said, “Though they look a bit rough.” Leopold chuckled,
“That’s because they are rough, but also more than capable.” The noble nodded.
“We should depart soon, the road to Svenshold is heavily wooded and we do not want to be caught by the dark, " Gyllir noted," Bandits and Tereken raiders often hide and use the trees or cover of darkness to conceal their whereabouts."
“Oh, and when we leave town, we will be meeting a very large fellow. Very large. Do not worry,” explained Leopold “he is in my employ.”

In the town the group trades 18 HWs for 18 talos and 2 HWs for a shield for Gyllir. Ulfar trades a 2 HWs for AC 4 armor and keeps 2 HW for himself.

The group sets of for the final leg of their escort mission. Fortunately, Gyllir is sober.


The encounter is a tremendous success, netting 22 talos, 11 food, 13 Hws, a Strong longbow, Heartbreaker arrow, Potion of Nerves of Steel, Potion:Heal, Cloak Stealth, and Boots of Agility!
After the encounter advancements give Leopold +1 Rep, Friedrich +1 Sav, Johann +1 Phy, Heinrich +1 Phy, Gyllir +1 Rep, Ulfar +1 Rep.

Having completed the mission, and arrived at Svenshold, the noble bids farewell to the party and pays them 16 talos.

Leopold makes payments for the mission: Pietre 3, Friedrich 4, Johann 4, Heinrich 3, Wilhelm 4, Gyllir, 1 Ulfar, Ogre 1.

The Potion of Nerves of Steel and the Longbow go to Johann, the Boots to Gyllir, and the Cloak to Ulfar. The Ogre gets the Healing Potion. Leopold hangs on to the Heartbreaker Arrow.

70 Talos remain with the paymaster. Deciding the cart is too slow, he trades the cart for a pack mule, but keeps the stout horse as his mount. Fortune favors Leopold and the mule is Rep 5.

The group still has a Voluntary Encounter for the month.



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